About Us






It was 2018 when a thought flashed up: As a top 10 university in the world, why have we not solved the world’s greatest problems? From there the vision for Hack for Humanity Hackathon was born – to bring together the world’s greatest minds to solve humanity’s greatest problems

What started as a one-day hackathon event bringing talented students from interdisciplinary backgrounds together to build social businesses tackling the UN Sustainability Development Goals, revealed a gap for social impact opportunities in the student community. 


For students keen to learn how they can make the most difference in their careers and fulfill their potential, there wasn’t an easy place for them to start. So a few of us, passionate believers of a career of social impact and sustainability is the tool to make a net positive difference in the world, want to bridge this gap of personal values to the commercial world and build a space to encompass all social impact related opportunities in one place. 


We set out to create a community where individuals interested in the impact space, either through social entrepreneurship, innovating low-cost washing machines, creating the next-generation ESG product, building an NGO serving the underprivileged community, seeking systemic change through policymaking, or engaging in sustainability-orientated initiatives within their corporations could connect. 


We are here to build life-long relationships with passionate individuals. We offer a framework to tie your personal life journey (or personal aspirations) with a career without compromising your values. 

As the top 20%, what work can you do in your life to
help the bottom 80%?